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Decision-ready intelligence for solving water security
in a changing world


Scaling Up Your Insights: An Early Warning for Water Resilience in a Changing Climate

Amidst growing concerns of water scarcity and management challenges, WaterSphere360® utilizes cutting-edge data technologies, including satellite data and hydrological modelling, to monitor the water landscape without the need for in-field instrumentation.

Empowering water agencies and stakeholders with consistent intelligence, WaterSphere360® facilitates improved regional water management, informed decision-making, and supports the implementation of water management strategies.


Our monthly reporting tools deliver decision-ready information on water volume, quality, soil moisture, rainfall, vegetation, and drought status, in support of sustainable water resource management and climate risk mitigation efforts.

Experience the power of scalable, easy-to-access intelligence, by visualising and downloading historical, current, and future insights.


Improve your ability to monitor the water balance and resource conditions across one or multiple catchments.

Monthly support tools

WaterSphere360 updated monthly support tools

WaterSphere360 Overview

Our operationally proven monthly water monitoring service generates affordable, user-ready, up-to-date water resource status information encompassing the full water landscape from precipitation input, water location, and extent, storage volumes, and associated environmental impacts; and provides direct support to water management and planning activities. This unique service is easily accessible via web-based information dashboards, through which information can be accessed and downloaded in a variety of formats according to user preference, ranging from report-ready content to GIS-compatible digital data.

WaterSphere360® is first of its kind, unique globally scalable information service that provides water resource managers and water-use communities with easy-to-access, up-to-date intelligence, every month, on the status of available water resources. WaterSphere360® utilizes advanced Earth Observation technologies, which provide invaluable intelligence on the location and volumetric quantification of surface water resources; complimented by water quality, precipitation, and ground-water status indicators, enabling current and future water resource conditions to be determined, monitored, and predicted; using a single, integrated service.


Advantages of using WaterSphere360

Enhanced operational water resource management


Quantifiable water resource intelligence, every month, across the full extent of your target area.


Cost-effective to set-up and run, compared to a network of field-based instrumentation.

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Requires only web-connectivity to access and benefit from the service.


Provides direct support to both geospatially 
enabled and non-geospatial end-user communities.


Rapid implementation over new monitoring areas, regardless of location or extent.


Supporting Short-Term Planning

  • Supporting operational decisions related to water restriction at low dam levels

  • Assisting operational decision associated with dam safety at high water levels

  • Detecting eutrophication problems and aquatic vegetation infestations in reservoirs

  • Location specific monitoring of drought development and progress

  • Supporting hydro power and flood release decisions

  • Monitoring high rainfall events for flood prediction

  • Policing of illegal water use and storage

  • Detecting groundwater deficits

Supporting Long-Term Planning

  • Monitoring vegetation changes due to drought, overgrazing, and lowering of groundwater table

  • Monitoring changes in key water quality indicators in specific reservoirs, to understand spatial and temporal trends.

  • Determining which dams might represent a dam safety hazard and require inspected or control on a regular basis

  • Quantifying the volume of water resources available in a particular area

  • Identifying which dam resources should be registered and controlled

  • Demarcation of flooding servitudes due to frequent inundation

  • Providing an overview of rainfall trends in a particular area

  • Separation of natural versus man made water bodies

  • Providing rainfall data for runoff models

  • Reviewing of sediment profiling

  • Delimitation of wetlands


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