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A strong beginning for GEOTERRA360 with support from ESA BIC Portugal

Updated: Mar 4

GEOTERRA360 proudly announces acceptance to participate in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Portugal.

The European Space Agency (ESA) is an international organization that aims to develop space capabilities in Europe. ESA BIC Portugal is part of a network of business incubators across Europe that empowers entrepreneurship, supports startup companies that use space technology, and allows local economies to benefit from space data and technologies.

It is an incredible opportunity for GEOTERRA360 to share its expertise, access technical and business assistance, and play an invaluable role in advancing innovation in the space industry.

GEOTERRA360 was founded in 2022 by a team of industry experts focused on developing innovative products and services using multiple spatial data inputs. The dedicated team creates products and services that align with the European Space Agency’s goals and benefit organizations globally.

Participation in the Business Incubation program ensures further international business development for GEOTERRA360. It also creates the opportunity to scale products faster and help clients find solutions to the real-world challenges that society is facing today.

The GEOTERRA360 flagship project for the incubation period is WaterSphere360, a unique water monitoring dashboard.

Utilizing advanced Earth Observation technologies, WaterSphere360 produces invaluable intelligence on the location and volumetric quantification of surface water resources, water quality, precipitation, vegetation stress, and groundwater status indicators. This dashboard is a satellite-data-only system with immediate scalability and rapid implementation capability.

WaterSphere360 can predict, determine and monitor historical, current, and future water resource conditions across national and international boundaries.

GEOTERRA360 - based and incubated at the PACT – Parque do Alentejo de Ciência e Tecnologia – in Évora, Portugal.

For more information about GEOTERRA360 or WaterSphere360, contact us at / or visit the links below.



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