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The Power of Monitoring Water Quality

The recent reports of the cholera epidemic North of Pretoria illustrated again that water quality is essential. Access to sustainable clean water is crucial to avoid additional pressure on the country’s healthcare system and economy.


The availability of water resources and water quality has been a growing concern globally. Proactive management of water quality monitoring assists in detecting pollution sources that could circumvent the outbreak of waterborne diseases.


Did you know that water quality can be monitored using Satellite Imagery to provide a frequent and reliable monitoring service?


GeoTerra Image, in collaboration with EkoSource Insights, provides intelligence on surface water change and quality. This information streamlines water resource management decision-making in various economic sectors, including agriculture and tourism. Monitoring water quality in water features like dams and lakes assists in indicating potential sources of contamination upstream. Additionally, large water bodies form the main input sources for many water purification works. Water quality monitoring can assist in understanding water quality issues in these impoundments and help reduce treatment costs and the risks associated with water supply from these sources.


Together, GeoTerra Image and EkoSource Insights continue to ensure regular and accurate water quality monitoring with assistance from advanced Earth Observation technologies in support of environmental sustainability.


“Water is life, and clean water means health.” Audrey Hepburn


EkoSource Insights:


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